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Kingdom of Loathing

The Kingdom of Loathing is a humorous and satirical free MMORPG. Players in the game choose from a number of classes : Seal Clubbers, Turtle Tamers, Pastamancers, Saucerors, Disco Bandits and Accordion Thieves. Each player has three major attributes: Muscle, which determines strength; Mysticality, which determines magical powers; and Moxie, which corresponds to Agility and Charisma in the mainstream role-playing games . Each class specialises in one of the attributes: training that attribute results in gaining a level .

The aim of the game is to adventure in different areas, encountering monsters and collecting items and meat (which is the in-game currency ) until you have the prowess to take on the Naughty Sorceress. A player is supplied with several adventures per day, which he or she can spend on numerous things. Adventures can be increased with food and beverages , in addition to the 40 adventures that are given at midnight.

In addition to items found while adventuring, players can combine items to get something new. Players can cook food, make cocktails , smith weapons and make other various types of equipment . Some items can only be made by members of a specific class, which makes them more rare and more valuable.

The playing experience is enhanced by a chat system, available after completing a test to prove your knowledge of English language . In addition players can communicate with each other using in-game messages and forums . All of this has helped to create a healthy community around the game; other forms of communication are also encouraged, such as meeting outside of the game and creating a fan-based radiostation , Radio KoL .

The game is still in beta-testing phase and new features are added regularly. Unfortunately serious bugs were found and exploited resulting in an influx of duplicate items and meat into the economy ; it remains a problem how to get the economy back in healthy state without upsetting the player base. Currently there are a number of "meat sinks" in place to slowly leech meat from the economy.



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